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Join Cable Contracts as a Buyer
CableContracts publishes tenders on behalf of over 500 buyers in the Cable and Wire Industry, helping them get the best price and service for their contract.
The aim of our portal is to improve the procurement process in Cable and Wire Industry by increasing the amount of quality suppliers providing a better service to the buyers.
As a buyer, publishing tenders and contracts through our portal will save you money and resources as we will assist in identifying suitable suppliers and sending through key information about their services in a comparable format in order to save you time.
However, the key benefit will be to improve overall operational efficiency by identifying new suppliers offering either cost savings or innovative products and services to enhance overall business performance.
You have the ability to attach documents to your tenders for interested suppliers to download.
The service is very easy to use to publish tenders. We can set up the specific person in your organization with the access details, or you may send tenders to us directly and we can publish them on your behalf.
If you have a contract, which you are looking to sub-contract, then we can also facilitate your requirements.
We can also publish your contract anonymously if you don’t want to reveal your company details but want to see if there is anyone able to facilitate your needs at either a better price or delivery time.
At Cable Contracts, we believe our service can be an invaluable cost savings, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.
The cost of the service is currently free for Buyers to use the service. Please get in touch if you would like any further information.
Join Cable Contracts as a Buyer
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