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Tender for Supply of Multimedia Item OT video cable and signal Upgrade Phase 2

Company Details

Dubai Health Authority

Buyer: Dubai Health Authority

Tender Number: 71034

Tender Title: Tender for Supply of Multimedia Item, OT video cable and signal Upgrade (Phase 2), Professional video cameras with lens, Pan Tilt Driver, Portable Powered Speakers with 3 Input.

How to apply: Apply by email quoting tender document or visit the office in person

Tender Detail: Submission: Please attach your company’s latest catalogue, necessary technical brochures and quality assurance documentation showing that the items we manufacture and/or our manufacturing procedures conform to internationally accepted quality standards. an envelope sealed by wax, and marked with the above Tender Ref., Closing Date and our company name and stamp.

Closing Date: 03/04/2016 

Location: Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Contact Details: Dubai Health Authority
Building, Al Maktoum Bridge Street, Bur Dubai Area
Tel: +971 4-337-0031
Fax: +971 4-337-4563, +971 4-219-7555

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